Adam P. Karp: Dogs and Law

April 6, 2017 Adam 6 comments

Dogs in Our World with Adam Winston

Adam P. Karp teaches Adam Winston about dogs and the law. Mr. Karp is one of the leading animal law attorneys in the country. He also authored the comprehensive book Understanding Animal Law. Join your host, Adam Winston, as he continues to ask the bigger questions about the dogs in our world. Leave us a rating and comment in iTunes or whichever podcast service you use. You can also learn more and make a donation at

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6 Comments on “Adam P. Karp: Dogs and Law

  1. Please make available the unedited version of your last show. I enjoy the depth of the topics and do want to hear more from Adam Karp. I appreciate sharing information about dogs I’d never come to know if I didn’t listen to this show. Keep throwing it out there. Thanks.
    By the way, there is a story over here on the Eastside about Dakota, a dog on death row. Kind of relates to the topic as far as laws and dogs. Sad story, unfortunately, but lessons can be learned.

    1. Alright! The next bonus episode will be the extended Adam P. Karp interview. I’ll let you know when it is released. Thank you, all, for chiming in. Sarah, how did you discover the episode?

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