Trainer and Behaviorist

April 14, 2017 Adam
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Adam has been instrumental in training our Doberman puppy, Luna.
Being new dog owners, we went to Adam for help and he taught us everything we know today about dogs. He gave us excellent tips and insights that helped us learn how our dog thinks so that we could understand our dog and react accordingly.
We have visited Adam on a regular basis for 4 months at the time of writing. Throughout this time, Adam helped turn Luna from being a timid introvert puppy to a happy 8-month-old who is eager to play and socialize with other dogs. Adam is a great instructor and has helped Luna pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test with flying colors.
He also helped us eliminate several unwanted behaviors such as jumping up at people and barking in the yard.
Adam is patient, knowledgeable, and experienced. He cares deeply about the dogs and is very careful about mixing them with dogs of similar temperament. Once the dogs are interacting, he watches them very carefully to make sure no dogs are stressed or cornered. All the time this is going on, he is educating you about what the dogs are thinking and what each gesture means.
He is open to any questions and is always willing to help. We highly recommend Adam as a dog trainer & behaviorist.

Corinne Foy and Family Doberman (and human) Mom April 14, 2017