In the Beginning: Dogs and Wolves

January 5, 2017 Adam 11 comments

Dogs in Our World Adam Winston Episode 1 Wolf HavenIn the debut episode of Dogs in Our World, Adam Winston travels to Wolf Haven International in Tenino, WA to learn more about Dogs and Wolves. This episode examines the history of wolves in North America, popular theories regarding the domestication of dogs, and how we should view dogs when looking to wolves. Are we part of the pack, or something more? Listen to this episode and tell us what you think by visiting

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11 Comments on “In the Beginning: Dogs and Wolves

  1. Great job Adam! Really enjoyed this episode, and congratulations on the first episode!
    FYI Eegor the pug did not react to the howling, he was more interested in napping in his blanket nest 😉 looking forward to future episodes.

    1. Ben, thank you for listening. Funny, Eegor the pug is probably closer in relation to the wolf than many of the dogs in our world. Like Erik said, wolves often behave more like cats. Hahaha. Talk to you soon!

    1. Thank you for listening, Stephanie and Joshua! Stephanie, as Joshua says, you can subscribe to our newsletter. Also, you can click the ‘subscribe’ button on the above media player. Then, select the email icon. You will now receive an email message the moment I upload another episode. Thanks, again, for listening. Talk to you soon!

  2. Very interesting episode. Thank you Adam! The howling section perked up Raku and he had to come investigate where the sound was coming from.

  3. This episode was great. I liked the unique perspective of having this dog/wolf myth examined from the wolf-expert perspective. And hearing his explanation of the so-called “alpha” helped Prakash & me rethink some of our assumptions when looking at the behaviors of our 2 dogs — both with each other and with us humans. Can’t wait to hear more episodes.
    Btw, when the howling started in this episode, Shivani started howling along — LOUDLY.

  4. Adam, thank you for an interesting podcast. Eric favors natural selection as the mean by which dogs evolved from wolves, and so do I. Unlike Ray Coppinger I take the argument much further back in time to perhaps 100,000 years ago when ancestors of dogs began to colonize the caves of ancestors of humans. As the two species coevolved they blended such that they became part of each others’ natures. In a nutshell, we could not have evolved the anatomy for speaking in words unless the dog had begun to do the smelling for us and had become our watchdogs I have argued this in detail in my book Why It’s OK to Talk to Your Dog. You can view the book on Amazon or I would be delighted to send you a paperback copy. Therefore, I would have titled episode one as In the beginning there was the word …. because words are incredibly powerful for building and sharing ideas. Words really do make us human.

  5. Excellent episode, Adam! As a Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant myself, I agree that we must study dogs in order to understand more about them. There are a lot of theories around the Alpha dogs, and this is something that has also been popularized thanks to the Dog Whisperer show.It was a great first episode! Congratulations!

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