Steven Hales: Dogs and Philosophy

March 1, 2017 Adam 2 comments

Dogs in Our World Adam Winston Philosophy Podcast EpisodeDr. Steven Hales is a professor and author of the book What Philosophy Can Tell You About Your Dog. In the third episode of Dogs in Our World, Dr. Hales teaches Adam about dogs and philosophy. Join the audience at Help new listeners find the show by leaving a comment in iTunes or in the comment section of this episode at

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2 Comments on “Steven Hales: Dogs and Philosophy

  1. Thank you both Adam and Dr. Steven Hales for this episode. The part about metafisic ( 16.45 ) gives food for thought, special in relation to the purebred world. Appreciate the reflection in the matter of breeds and the fact that within the breeds every dog is a unique individual. I believe there is still less understanding about the complex matter how behavior and mental wellbeing work in relationship/communication with us humans and how we interpret it. Reading a dog language and try to understand how they react or what they want to make us aware of is such a interesting journey. I’m curious what is the essence for the dog itself, what are really their needs and don’t we humans not go to far with selection and own values or benefits in temperament and conformation. Speaking about ethics and morality. Kind regards, Daniëlle Termijn the Netherlands

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