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Dogs in Our World is a dog training and education service located in Tumwater, WA. Adam Winston is now the resident dog trainer, every Sunday, at the Puget Sound K9 Academy in Tumwater. Book a FREE consultation today!


Meet Your Instructor

My name is Adam Winston. I have helped dogs and their families for over a decade.

My broad work experience includes Animal Caretaker for the King County shelter. I was also the Senior Dog Trainer for the surrounding Seattle Petco district. This was all while attaining a professional certificate in animal behavior from the University of Washington.

I believe that each dog is a unique individual. My philosophies and protocols are rooted in fear-free and reward-based principles.

Learn more about me on the Dogs in Our World podcast.

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What pet parents say

Adam is the only person I trust to board my precious pitbull. He helped me train her since she was a little puppy. She’ll see you soon!
University City
I needed a boarding solution for my timid shepherd mix and was having trouble. Adam welcomed her into his home. He’s a lifesaver!
Renton, WA
Excellent book with a ton of important info… Adam is our dog trainer… We couldn’t be more pleased. He is amazing and this book is great!
D.L. Aman
Amazon Review
My little Bear misses her Adam! They have such a sweet bond. Dogs in our World will be my first call when we’re back in the area.
Tacoma, Washington

Common Questions

Adam has helped pet parents with aggressive and reactive dogs. Request a free consultation so Adam can better understand what’s going on.

All sessions are now conducted every Sunday at the Puget Sound K9 Academy, in Tumwater, near the Costco shopping area. 5945 Littlerock Rd SW Tumwater, WA 98512

Adam accepts nearly all forms of payment. Do you also provide helpful services? If so, Adam is open to bartering.

Dogs in Our World is force-free and fear-free. Adam knows that dogs learn best when they have fun and feel confident. He also takes the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) approach to dog handling and training. In short, yes, Adam is an expert positive reinforcement dog trainer.

Puppies must be between the ages of 8 weeks to 6 months and show proof of their first (2) rounds of vaccinations. Note: The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior believes that it should be the standard of care for puppies to receive such socialization before they are fully vaccinated. Learn more at